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Welcome to Christians Ask. Please click the "Create an account" button to join our community. We hope you receive answers to the questions you ask and also be a positive influence in here. Thank you and God bless you.

Why ChristiansAsk


So what made you start

Hmm….Ironically, the response is simple, it’s for the same thing many wish to get from the site right now – Answers. Answers. Answers. 

People want answers, people need answers, people seek answers, and it’s nothing new. Jesus faced so many questions and always provided epic wisdom packed responses to all those bobby-trap questions recorded in the bible, from paying taxes to Caesar, to the woman caught in the act of adultery, to whether it be lawful to heal on the Sabbath. We all crave answers to our numerous painful, nagging, emotional, spiritual, financial, marital, school related, and social pains. These answers should always be from a Christian perspective and we should indeed behave like the Pharisees, Lawyers, Sadducees and the rest of the pack in Jesus’ time and seek for answers. The limitation is to seek genuinely and not to setup trick questions because God is not mocked.


Sometimes, we learn to survive different stages in this Christian journey with a direct instruction from God, our Father; via the bible; through Holy Spirit led books; while other methods include advice from fellow God fearing believers. For me, I got frustrated because there were many things I wanted to know in this journey and wanted to learn from other people’s experiences as well but didn’t really get answers primarily because the avenue, opportunity, nor time were readily available.

In church, Sunday School and bible study used to be my interest and attraction to heading to church but often times, these specific church gatherings which were meant to be interactive sessions to learn the Word of God, only turned out to be another round of sermons (there’s nothing wrong in sermons though, if straight from God’s throne) but I’ve got unhappy with such situations. It’s as if the teachers are eager to round up their classes with promises that they’ll continue next week just to rush off to the main Sunday Service. The Sunday School training booklets of some churches have a lot of substance but unfortunately, there appears to be an increase in a hurried teaching with barely any time for questions. Jesus didn’t teach for 30 minutes and rush of to the next service. Please pastors and Sunday School teachers (if this applies to you or someone you know), I wish to encourage that you allocate and spend more time in your Sunday School ensuring it is an interactive session where you  teach and are comfortable to be taught by your student too.

Like Paul said, while as spiritual pilgrims on this Earth, we know in part (1 Corinthians 13:9). I do believe there are many who face overwhelming issues of life and have no one to turn to: from the teens to the aged, we all have questions about our Christian race or wish to ask questions on behalf of a friend or relative but the medium is often lacking. I believe just as seen in our secular life, where some people have more experience than others, so also is the case in our Christian circles.

Unfortunately, some people, whether, ignorantly or selfishly, hold on to life saving or life changing information or experiences and in some cases allow these experiences to die with them. Some on the other hand, the wise ones among us are happy to stir the course of people’s lives to a more productive and expected end by sharing their experiences, thereby giving strength to the feeble, renewed hope to those who felt hopeless, and courage to the fainting heart.

If you have experience in an area that can help those asking, seeking and knocking-Christians who have taken pains in pouring out their question-filled hearts on this website, please don’t hesitate, do the kind thing and share your experience backed up with scriptural references where possible, that we all may know in greater part. Conversely, if you got questions pertaining to your Christian race that have been troubling you which you need answers to, and which you wish to ask, kindly have a look at our Post Your Question Page.

God bless you.

Addendum to the Above Post

I decided to add this piece to the above post because I believe now, more than ever before, this website is very needed at this time and for someone like me out there. The above post was written in 2014 and I believe that was the year was born. I had done some work on the site in the past but never did get round completing the website and making it public. I had allowed procrastination to cuff me hands, feet and heart so that by sometime in 2017, I actually knew when the domain name was due for renewal but probably did not care about renewing it. Perhaps I was going through a rough patch at the time or perhaps I allowed less important things to encumber my mind.

At the end, I did not renew the domain and lost ownership of the name. It crushed me when I later checked and I found out someone had got hold of the domain name. One day, maybe weeks or months later, I prayed to God, very sober and sorry and asked to have the domain name back. I honestly, don’t know how the name became available again but when I did a domain name search and found as available, it must have been the fastest name registration I ever made – I’m not letting go of this website again. 

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